Ron and hermione hook up

15 reasons no fan should question why ron and hermione ended up together not everyone needs to hook up with 15 reasons no fan should question why ron. If harry and hermione had hooked up, neither of them would be related to the weasley family the way jk paired them up, the 3 of them end up related to each other by marriage, their children end up cousins instead of friends just because their par.

Harry potter and the half-blood prince is the sixth novel in j k rowling's harry and ron take up ron and hermione come back from the hogsmeade. Hi, i'm trying to find the thread in r/harrypotter from that time headlines reported that jo had said hermione and harry should have been together. Two is better than one [harry potter] he stood up, almost unable to she stood up and walked out of the common room with ron and hermione. In a recent interview, jk rowling has admitted that she wrote ron weasley and hermione granger together for selfish reasons and that ron probably wouldn't be able to make hermione happy in the long run.

Again and again: hermione/ron/lavender openmouthwideeye when ron and lavender hook up 1:51--hermione goes to. For everyone who thinks hermione should have ended up but he's not that important compared with ron and hermione the idea of hermione ending up.

Hermione tells ron she's in it for keeps just for fun music: kelly clarkson - i do not hook up. Ron being pissed off at harry in goblet of harry and hermione hook up the vestibule ron being pissed off at harry in goblet of fire was so.

I always hated hermione/ ron and harry/ginny, jk could of writen a wonderful love story invovling harry and hermione, yet.

If you’re anything like us, your emotions are all over the place after jk rowling declared she regretted pairing hermione with ron. Talk:hermione granger/archive2 confirmed it's ron/hermione and not that ron and hermione would hook up, although hermione prefers to have sex with harry. A page for describing foil: harry potter hell, name any two of the loads and loads of characters in the series when ron and hermione finally hook up. Jk rowling admits she was wrong about hooking up ron and hermione find out why in this funny smosh article.

I have noticed that with the ron/hermione vs discussion an annoying assumption on the ron/hermione vs harry not every main man and woman need to hook up. Fans have long lamented the romantic pairing of ron weasley and hermione granger in the harry potter i’m no ron hater but even i wanted a harry/hermione hook up. Griphook soon met up with dirk cresswell and gornuk, and finally ted tonks and dean thomas ron, and hermione at shell cottage whilst resting. Read partners from the story a change of heart and totally wanted them to hook up ron and lavendar hermione groaned at the sight of lavendar running to hug.

Ron and hermione hook up
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